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I had to capture this quote and store it in my heart today.

I had to capture this quote and store it in my heart today. In a really uncertain time in my life, I had a powerful dream. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one was vivid. I was up in the clouds and walking but couldn’t see where I was going. ☁️Imagine seeing the pinks, purples and blues of a sunset sky close up and personal. ⛅️ 🌅☁️ But I couldn’t see a clear path. If I took that next step, would I fall? Was this the right way? I took a breath, trusted both my instinct and my God and took my first next steps. As I did, a perfect stepping stone cloud appeared under my foot. Then I took the second step and another cloud floated upward to meet my foot. My path was uncertain, but what was clear is that I had a purpose and a direction that was for me. I woke up with a peaceful reminder of a loving God who holds the map. The greatest navigator is fluffing up special "sunsetty", cloud, stepping stones for me to walk out my purposed-filled life.

So as much as I LOVE being in control, I realized that I can be to a degree, then the rest must be surrendered. I appreciate today that I am not a victim of life’s circumstances or someone else’s choices that affect me. Nor am I a spectator of my “out of control life” racing by without a handle on what happens or where it takes me. Life is happening FOR me. I plan to live each day with as MUCH intentionality as I can. I believe that God meets me where I’m at and sometimes simply just says “okay, Erica... you first”. I take the first step, He lights my path. Or.... floats up puffy, fluffy, stepping stone clouds. 🙌🏻😆 I am grateful for this reminder today and hope it helps you too. 😘 #surrender #lifehappensforyou #godsplan #trusttheprocess #faithinhim#tonyrobbins #purposefulliving #intentionalliving