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Two years ago I went to a personal development event where we did THE WORK.

Lord knows I needed it!

My self worth was low, I kept catching myself living my old story.

Even though I was happily married, I was still insecure from past trauma’s and experiences.

Having a failed marriage.

Being cheated on.

Having my trust broken.

Feeling insecure in my body.

Asking myself, “who am I to bring this message of hope to others?”

Reminders of past failings or negative experiences kept me from allowing myself to fully be MYSELF and share my heart and my gifts.

I was scared and insecure.

Well, at this event, we went deep.

We reopened some wounds that weren’t properly healed.

We broke through blockages and barriers that were holding us back.

Just when I thought it could get any more raw, real and deep…

THIS happened.

We had to pair up and share about our personal discovery and before I could begin to share, this woman, who was also a “faith-believing” gal said “Can I share something with you? I feel like God just gave me a word for you.

I was nervous, a bit excited and open to hear and said “yes!”

She said “The word that God gave me for you was FREEDOM”. Freedom from the things that are holding you back from the amazing life of abundance He longs for you to experience. You will likely know what these things are, but I sensed fear, doubt and lack of belief in yourself.”

I was like … wow.

But it gets better and THIS my friends, changed everything.

She said “God also gave me the image of a hot air balloon, ready to take off, fully engaged, prepared and ready to fly, but the ropes were still tied down. The feeling I felt is that you have been working through a lot of things and the time has come to untie those ropes and surrender and trust that it is safe for you to take off. It is safe for you to feel LIGHT and FREE and to experience the full potential you were created for.


You were created to SOAR and this is NOT just for your benefit, but it is for all the people you will inspire as you allow YOUR LIFE TO BE VISIBLE AND FREE.”

As you can imagine . . . I busted into tears. It was BANG ON.

The very next day, something amazing happened.

I was driving to an event with two of my business partners and I looked up and noticed all over the sky… there were hot air balloons RISING! Everywhere! Beautiful, vibrant and FREE!

I had to pull over. I told them what had happened the day before and we were all in awe.

The truth is… I still struggle to truly cut ALL of the ropes sometimes.

I will untie one and then desperately cling to another rope to keep myself “unseen” or what my sometimes self-sabotagey subconscious mind sees as “safe”.

But today, I CHOOSE to let go of what needs to go and cut the ties that are holding me back. I CHOOSE to be visible, even when it scares me. I have a message of hope, healing and a heart that desires to impact more lives than I can ever truly dream possible.

But I can’t do that on the ground.

As I was writing this, I thought there are definitely people that needed to hear this today.

I thought to myself, maybe the many other balloons I saw rising that day represented some of YOU. :)

If you needed to hear this today, I would love to hear from you. Comment below, send me a message and share your heart.