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More on that please!


So I do.

I share this when I teach essential oil classes.

I share this with someone when I feel led to do so and today, I feel like I am meant to share it with all of you.

This my grandmother. She passed away two years ago.

We were VERY close. She was arguably my favorite person in existence.

I wish you knew her. Everyone who did was better for it.

She loved everyone. She never judged people. She was SO friggen funny. She was giving. She was gentle. She always cooked too much(but yay leftovers!). She gave the best hugs. She told me she thought Will Smith was “hot”. Haha.

She liked rap music, as long as she could understand the words. She loved playing games with my cousins and I. Mad Gab and Scategories were some of her faves. She always said, “I love you”. She was my biggest fan… she came to pretty much every singing performance I had ever done. She loved me and all of her 50+ grandkids and great-grandkids unconditionally.

You can imagine how difficult it was for us all when she got sick.

It kept getting worse and worse.

She had eight kids, so her bladder was having a hard time staying in place. It kept dropping and causing her discomfort and constant bladder infections.

She was on antibiotics for it all the time. For that or pneumonia because her immune system was so weak from all of the meds.

She had surgery to lift up the bladder with netting, but sadly, they had to remove it from her body and from the market because it was causing cancer in people.

Since there was nothing they could do to fix her structural bladder issue, it remained. And so did the vicious cycle of meds for bladder infections, then pneumonia. Then bladder infection. Then pneumonia.

Eventually, she was open to using some of my concoctions, lol. I made her a roller bottle of oils that gave her such discomfort relief. She called me one day for a “refill” and invited her neighbour over for me to help her with HER wellness goals. I said, “is it helping, grandma”?

She said, “YEP! I just lift up my big fat belly and roll in on!” We laughed so hard.

The bladder issues had been unbearable to deal with every single day, but what was worse were her respiratory issues. She had suffered from asthma her whole life, but she began to have trouble breathing.

She knew something was wrong.

She was rushed to the hospital several times and put on oxygen.

They didn’t know what was wrong.

I had recently been through a traumatic health experience and learned A LOT about SIDE EFFECTS. I learned that when we take medications, it’s important to keep the little paper that tells you the potential side effects. I also learned that sometimes, side effects don’t show up right away.

My grandma had been on these medications off and on for over FOUR YEARS.

I told my mom to look up her medications to see if it’s possible that her issues were stemming from the drugs.

Plain as day. Right on the med website, there it was. PULMONARY FIBROSIS.

Sadly, there was no cure for this. Something that was meant to “help” her bladder issues caused something far worse in her body. The fibroids in her lungs kept expanding until the day that breathing was impossible on her own.

She was rushed to spend what would be her last days in the hospital.

She was suffocating from the inside out.

But Still.

When she was coherent, still so lovely. So happy to see her family, yet sort of embarrassed for the “inconvenience” she was being. (Silly granny…)

She was scared but told my husband and I she was hopeful she’d be going home. She cried and told me she just didn’t want to leave my grandpa on his own. That was her biggest fear in the end.

She allowed me to pray for her a few times over the course of that weekend. We prayed for peace. For God to wrap his arms around her and take away the fear and anxiety.

I told her that I often tell people about the side effects and what has happened. She was happy to hear that and said to share her story because people need to be made aware and know what their options are.

That weekend, along with her 8 kids, their spouses and a MESS load of grandkids that spent 47 hours in the hospital by her side. She took her last breath.

Our sweet, amazing grandma... was gone.

I can’t even see the screen right now….

I will never be able to explain what the moment was like for our family.

It broke us, it bonded us, yet it’s a moment we haven’t discussed since.

She was gone, but our family will carry her at the forefront of our hearts and at the core of who we are forever.

I remember when I was 5 and my brother was 7 years old, he went through a "hypochondriac phase" and thought a little mole on his arm was cancer. Grandma told him that he didn't need to be afraid, that God was in control. He knows the day we will be born and the day we will die and everything in between.

When it comes to the tragedy of her health issues, my grandma told me she wished she had known more earlier on. She wished that other answers were available to her in the beginning. But understood that this was her path was for a reason. I believe she understood that God could take something awful and turn it into something beautiful.

She said “share my story” to help other people. She knew it would bring purpose to her pain. Proactive prevention for someone ELSE.

After all, she was such a giver and cared more about everyone else than she did for herself. She wanted health, vitality, happiness and hope for others above all else.

She was so proud of me for being out there on the front lines offering education to people. ❤

I know she'd be proud of me now.

Not every health issue we experience requires a pill.

Not every health issue we face requires us to surrender our own power and knowledge of our own bodies.

Utilize the experts and their vast knowledge, but know that they have a limited scope of what they look at and a limited number of solutions they can provide.

Be your own advocate. Ask questions. Do your research.

It’s your body and your life.

Be empowered.

Remember her story.