April 12, 2018

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When I started in my wellness business 4 years ago I had no sweet clue what I was doing.  


I cared, so I shared.


I loved people enough to tell them what they truly needed and let go of the fear of what they might think about me “selling” a product.  


I knew what the oils did for my health and family and how ON THE DAILY I was seeing life transformation.


People overcoming emotional wellness issues.


Discomfort in their body.


Seasonal threat protection.


People taking their power back, becoming EDUCATED and taking action.


It was beautiful!  So I kept serving and pouring into people and my growing wellness community.  


A year and half into doing this as a business, I became a top leader in Canada and in our company.  What did this mean? It meant there was massive effort and care from my wellness team that went into supporting A LOT of people and that these oils were transforming hundreds of homes.   


Four years later, we are talking thousands upon thousands of homes.  


Still though… I got here just by caring and sharing with people!  No REAL “brand” or creative community name to breed an empowered culture where our passions could be shared and our impact could be furthered.  


But I felt my heart pulling me to create that space.  


Introducing… Wellthy Women.  Our slogan, WORTH. WISDOM. WILLPOWER.


I wanted to create a collaborative, open space to help women discover and own their worth and purpose, gain wisdom and stand in their willpower for positive change in their health and home.


That’s big!  Essential oils are a HUGE piece of what we do, but this is much more than just selling essential oils.  


I love communication, not just dropping an ad.  

I love supporting, not just funneling purchases on a website.  


I love giving free value and bringing on Holistic Wellness Professionals to give  free education on variety of wellness topics.


I love human connection.  I want to get to know people and allow them to get to know me.  


Wellthy Women is a community of empowerment, action and growth.  

We want to see women win!  


How can you connect with us?


On the Wellthy Women Facebook page.  Like and follow to be notified of events, posts, promotions and join me live at 11am weekly for WELLTHY WEDNESDAYS.  This will also be streamed on instagram at wellthy_women. Also, watch for webinar opportunities where I feature guest speakers.   


Lastly, I offer free Wellness Consultations, so if you want to connect personally, you can text me at 289-316-4185.


Can’t wait to connect.


Love Erica xoxo


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