April 10, 2018

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It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago I was out of work and bedridden.


To now leading a MOVEMENT of women who are improving the lives of thousands.


If anyone could prove that miracles are possible.


It would be me.


At one point, things were so bad while I was sick, that we couldn't even afford groceries. Anonymous donors were delivering food to our door.


I’ve been in seasons where I was absolutely broken.





In my own self worth.


So how did it all shift?


I received a gift of lemongrass oil from a friend who saw my struggle.


We were both skeptical, and weren’t sure if it would work… but I gave it a shot.


Within a 10 days all my skin irritations were gone.


I went to a class to learn more.


Basically, what on earth just happened to me?


With hands shaking, I handed over the $200 I had on hand that I was supposed to use to pay a bill.


I knew I needed the oils to turn my life around.


Fast forward four months.


Educating others became natural to me, and the results everyone was seeing were UNDENIABLE.


It snowballed into a thriving business.


Now, instead of punching the clock as a bank teller and barista, I get to run my very own wellness company.


I get to lead a movement of women who are creating wellness and wealth for themselves and their families.


I’ve never felt so full of PURPOSE.


If you can relate to my story or you feel called make a real SHIFT in your life I invite you to send me a text message to schedule a call.  


My number is 289-316-4185.  I look forward to hearing from you <3


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