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The "WHY" Behind My Passion For Oil Education Reason #1

People often comment on how "passionate" I am about essential oils. Or about educating people on safer and more effective ways to care for their health. Even though dōTERRA essential oils do NOT need my help, haha, I tend to draw people to them because I am enthusiastic and my belief in how they can REALLY help change someone's life is SO fierce!

Let me tell you WHY.

Firstly, I had a personal experience before I ever became an educator. Heck, before I even knew what they were or brought them into my home. My friend Karlene gifted me with a bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil when I was VERY ill after receiving sinus surgery in the hospital. Like, hospital superbug, hooked up to IV in my bedroom, nurses coming to my house every day, SEVERE discomfort requiring AMPLE amounts of medication-style ill. All I did was go in for sinus surgery and I came out with worse than what I went in with. Karlene did some research and blessed me with this Fruit Loop smelling oil and said to rub it on the bottoms of my feet and put in on the skin irritations (which were the cause of most of my nurses visits). She said to dilute it with some coconut oil and do it at LEAST 3-5 times per day.

I thought she was a bit "cray cray" to be honest . . . haha. Even though I trusted her and have known her for like 13 years, I was skeptical! I had NEVER seen anything like it in my life. But you know what? I was desperate. I NEEDED an answer and had already spent so much time + money for 6 months to try and find an answer. I bought EVERYTHING from the health food store. So I was unsure, So I did it faithfully. I began to watch these irritations dissipate. After a week and a half, EVERY one of them, no matter what stage they were at, had stopped in their tracks! I. was. shocked.

Oh! I was EXTREMELY pleased, don't get me wrong! But after trying everything Doctors, Nurses, Naturopaths gave me and health food store remedies THIS was the answer all along?! WOW! Fruit Loop Cereal smelling essential oils. Who knew?! My friends and family were so happy to hear this but I knew I wasn't out of the woods yet. If THIS oil could help me this much, than what else could I be doing to ensure this issue would not return? What could I be doing to strengthen my immune system? Glad you asked Erica! Karlene had just the answer! She invited me to a class on essential oils, their uses, benefits and the science behind WHY they are effective. Not only did this class give me a better understand of what just happened to my body, but the educators helped me with a plan towards better health, including nutrition tips. I brought a kit of oils officially into my home and began a supplement protocol. I think the BIG kicker for me was the oils I began using. I put 4 drops of Frankincense, 4 drops of On Guard and 4 drops of Oregano in a veggie capsule (like a pill) and took it three times per day for about a month and a half. Now, 3.5 years later, I still have never seen a sign that this issue is returning.

The best part? 4 months or so after using and loving the oils in our home and sharing with some family, I decided I couldn't shut up about these powerful oils. I decided, "Welp! I might as well make this official!" So I began a journey to start sharing and educating about these oils and become a Wellness Advocate for others. I have seen people with my same struggle, issues that are scarier, mild or people with goals to live a healthier, whole life find support in dōTERRA.

I even met a family with a 6 month old baby who had the same thing as me. They came to me because get this . . .

THE DOCTOR TOLD THEM TO BATHE THEIR DAUGHTER IN BLEACH! Can you believe that? I get that bleach is "drying" to the skin, but man! So anyways, I gifted them my entire protocol in convenient, made up spray and roller bottles. Soon after, she was clear as well. Praise the Lord.

So I feel like everything happens for a reason. This was VERY apparent to me when I found out AFTER everything happened that I NEVER NEEDED THE SURGERY. Yes. That is right. Never. Needed. Surgery. A Naturopath helped me discover that I am severely intolerant to DAIRY. The deviated septum I was BORN with? Yeah. It never caused my any grief my entire life UNTIL I must have developed this intolerance. So I could be SO bitter. I could have the mentality that I suffered through 6 months of pure agony for NOTHING.

But I don't. I don't feel that way and never did, not even for a second.

I believe that God allowed me to walk through that broken season because there are people out there who need these oils. They need my story. They need my love and support. They need me. I believe everyone has a unique story and their own powerful voice. Couple that with something that can change the world and YOU will be a powerful force for good in this world. Embrace the struggles, channel them for good - don't let anything dim your light. I just allowed it to make mine shine brighter.