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Welcome! My name is Erica Lucas.  I am a Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, a Diamond leader in dōTERRA, and the founder of Wellthy Women.  I began this journey 8 years ago when I experienced a terrifying ordeal with my health.  I went in for routine sinus surgery and ended up contracting a hospital superbug which led to a 6-month struggle to become well again.  


I was gifted some essential oils and within just over a week, every single irritation on my body vanished.  I ended up bringing the oils into my home, having a topical and internal protocol of specific essential oils for my issue and all these years later, I am still superbug free and have been able to impact the lives of thousands of people by offering hope and healing through wellness education and personal support.  This experience was the catalyst to my deep dive into my own personal healing and a new career path in the wellness industry. 


Deep down, we all have a desire to live intentionally balanced lives where we value our worth, up-level our self-care, and have an abundance of peace and joy so we can truly live.  Being here, reading this, this very moment could be the beginning of a new journey for you.  If your heart is leading you, I can't wait to shower you with support and walk this out together.


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- Love Erica

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Essential Oils are a true "gift of the earth."  Plant-based remedies have brought so much empowerment into the lives of THOUSANDS in our community.  They are the ultimate

tool for your wellness toolkit.  Your life is about to change - click to learn more.   


Essential Oils, nutrition, informed self-care, self-love, dreaming of more and steppinginto ACTION... These are just a few of the many things our community shares with the world. This is our online and local space for like-hearted + like-minded women to thrive.  



What does it mean to be WELLTHY?  Soak up our health and wellness tips, soul food, essential oil tips, creating a business you love, and more on the Wellthy  Women blog! Do you prefer video or reading? Head over to our Facebook page for Wellthy Wednsday FB Lives each week.  

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